It’s probably not quite the thing to do – write about something so new to me that I’m exploring it at a kindergarten level and that to put mildly, falls into the outside the box category so far that the box is literally in another galaxy. One should write about what they know, right? So to that end I’m committing a cardinal writer’s sin. Bear with me then, if I stumble a little trying to clarify my understanding, then put to words, the alien-originated text that is The Knowledge Book. You read that right – I did say, alien.

For fellow seekers of other worlds and other ways, it may peak interest. For others, it will fall into the cray cray category and you might decide to slot me there too for bringing it up. I chuckle a bit at the thought, but I don’t mind because a nutter, on last check of the ward, I’m not. Instead, I’d prefer to think of myself as open and discerning – someone who, if I get a whiff that there’s a leg-up being offered in transforming old human ways of being that clearly don’t serve all that well anymore and never did – that I follow my nose along the trail of a deeper truth being revealed. I listen for authenticity that has its own special resonance, and many opportunities have beaten a path to my door in the last twenty years to help test my hearing. This book purportedly exists to help with the next crucial phase of our planetary evolution. How then could I not be interested? The book has been translated into 15 languages, so apparently I’m not alone in my interest.

The enormous purple tome that is, The Knowledge Book was introduced to me eighteen months ago by my very wise, consciousness-seeking (and finding) friend, Robin, who is a dedicated proponent of its message. It was dictated to a human being commencing in 1981, from The Golden Galaxy Dimension, a galaxy far outside the realm of the things we know of as galaxies. The method used was something called, Light-Photon-Cyclone – unknown as yet to our planet – from the Alpha Channel that was directly over Anatolian Turkey at the time. Am I losing you yet? Stay with me. I realize how it sounds.images

A Turkish woman named, Vedia Bülent Çorak known as, Mevlana, by those divulging energies from the Golden Galaxy Dimension, and said to be the reincarnation of Persian poet, Rumi, who died in the 12th century, was the focus of this dictation. Much the way Muhammad was chosen to scribe the content that would become the Quran, as directed by the Angel Gabriel, so was it channeled to Mrs. Çorak, who I can’t help but mention bears an uncanny resemblance to the lovable, Mrs. Doubtfire. The book is understood to be a compilation of all of the wisdom embedded in all of the existing sacred texts, including the Old and New Testament, The Quran, Buddhist Sutras, and The Vedas, among others. And when I mean wisdom, I mean, coded knowledge in this case, downloadable to the reader through technological means beyond the current ability our heads have to wrap around such things. This coding is indiscernible in the text – one that when read it might be hoped would produce a Eureka moment or two in a cognitive sense and frankly doesn’t all that often. But, from experience I do find that there are passages that pop out as if to say, “We see we’re losing you. Stay with us, we’re here”, and I find myself taken aback by a moment of pure thought as it appears transferred to my consciousness. Every once in a while, I find I actually even understand – however fleeting that moment might be. Words are completely inadequate to describe what unfolds, but it’s safe to say that it’s less about cognizance and all about consciousness, and that fact bucks description any day of the week.

Back when my friend first mentioned it to me, she felt me out by giving me a photocopy of one of the chapters in the book, called instead, fascicules, – a kind of litmus test routinely offered to newbies to see if one is attracted, or even repelled by the material – the latter indicating a fit not quite ready to be made. Now, I like a good read and I’m fairly voracious about finding one, but the first fascicule read-through wasn’t what I expected. I persevered nonetheless – the possibility of a life-helpful download baiting me as reward. I’d been advised to read every word thoroughly, so I read it out loud to be sure I didn’t cheat a bit and breeze through places when the going got rough, which in truth, it did. I was told that one must try to focus and not miss words, as at times the sentences might not always make sense, or the grammar isn’t what’s consider right, and even the spelling of the odd word is different. I didn’t know what to think, but I wasn’t turned off either. Fascinated, definitely.

Soon thereafter, I acquired the actual book and began to read a fascicule a night, which took some determination I’d have to say. I was pretty much alone in the endeavour, except for cheering sent from afar by Robin for my attempt. Unlike a good book that won’t let you put it down, the Knowledge Book felt like a slog many times and I would get so far; then put it down for a while only to return when I felt that I could handle it again. Eighteen months later, I’m still three quarters of the way through a first read, one meant to be read again and again in readiness for higher and higher frequencies custom-coded in an ever-expanding download. Unexciting as this sounds, I realized soon in that I’d have to work with it as if I was reading code, which under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be caught dead doing.

And things started happening. Deeper layers in my relationship with self and the world appeared for examination, as if troweled onto my core so that the weight of them would demand I take notice. It seemed that reading the book was akin to signing a cosmic permission slip that opened a floodgate, and because it’s my nature not to do things in half measure, there was a lot of high water with which to deal, and the need to put on a pair of spiritual wellies. As it happens, I haven’t taken them off.

It’s been made clear that the book is not meant for worship, nor is Mrs. Çorak to be regarded as a prophet.  It’s instead called, A Unification Program, meant to shift me-me-me-centered consciousness to consciousness that benefits the Whole instead in its understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things. Each letter in every word is loaded with a frequency that can be assimilated uniquely by each reader – who is koted – a word that I just learned means that their particular mission in life is understood and on file as it were, and the knowledge is somehow energetically formatted so that it can be received by the individual in a way most beneficial. A successful download made possible, so to speak.

The Knowledge Book was prepared for 7 million human consciousnesses to assist them in the transition from the Alpha phase we are currently in, to the more unified Omega phase we’re headed towards. Gradually habituating us to the frequencies of these Universal Dimensions provides us a means to enter them with ease. As well the book has the facility to answer all questions when read in depth, so is the claim. I have a lot more questions than I have answers, so I suspect the Book and I will have many more hours of intriguing computing time ahead.

Something that jumps out for me is the claim that since cosmic energies carrying knowledge exert pressure on the awareness – it makes the individual distressed. The spirit becomes troubled in proportion to the power and purity of the knowledge received. Because the spirit doesn’t know what’s going on, it becomes more distressed and sorrowful, which is actually the stimulating factor that – in straining the consciousness actually activates it. In other words, nothing is birthed without a painful labour. All I can say here is, “can I have a hell yes?” I finally get what’s been going on.

And the happy result of all this tumult is that as the stimulated consciousness rises and one’s awareness awakens, distresses disappear. As the human being evolves in this way, divine peace is found. I like that piece a whole lot. Everyone wants to get to that last stop on the evolutionary train – the source of unity itself – even if it’s less a destination and more a state of mind in flux that we can choose to recall at will.

So, last weekend I was invited to a Knowledge Book study group of which there are hundreds worldwide. These study groups form what is called a focal point – my interpretation of them being that they form a concentration of willing energies that empower a more potent download made possible by the group dynamic. I didn’t know what and whom to expect, and I can say that any inkling I might have had that I’d be spending time with a bunch of oddballs sporting foil-wrapped helmets sprouting antennae aimed at the mothership, was way off base. They were lovely people – every last one of them – genuine sorts, my favourite kind. An all ages group, my first conversation was with a very bright, kind, Turkish robotics engineer in his twenties who had just graduated from the University of Waterloo. Intelligence, kindness, warmth, openness – the emission from every single individual – something that I frankly haven’t found all that often in any group dynamic. Kind of other intelligence-like. Yes, that’s it.

Interesting sidebar: I was blown off the stool I’d been sitting on in the chat session after the meeting, quite literally. Granted, it was more a darbuka with a slab of marble on top than stool, but tapping into its precariousness, I volunteered to sit on it anyway. In an ungraceful ass over teakettle moment that would have embarrassed the heck out of me another time, I didn’t feel a shred of red. I felt instead, that a chunk of ego had been downloaded straight into the floor and into the earth through my sacrum, its departure labeled as ‘unnecessary’ anymore. You had to be there I guess, or maybe you would’ve had to be me to get the full jist of what went down (teehee) but it was something else and I couldn’t help but take note of the ceremonial letting go.

Anyway, I’m going to keep persevering in decoding the book, or having it decode me. But as postscript to all of this, I’d like to request a little shorter labour in the foreseeable future – a bit more sugar in my koting if that’s alright. I’m just putting that out there.



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