Making stuff with our own two hands is a pretty powerful thing. Not just because it’s satisfying to create, which it is, but that it’s a necessity of life, in a kinder, gentler world. For most makers of things, that basic credo seems to go with the territory. It’s in our essence. But, there’s a whole lot more going on in the palms of the hands while making art in its many forms than meets the eye, and it’s there to be tapped into.clap hands

It comes down to the fact that within each palm, on each fingertip, and on each wrist is a chakra, fourteen of them in total – energy centres we shape with our awareness, (or don’t), that emit an energetic quality; a kind of positive, or negative-tinged potential that is always broadcasting whether we’re aware of it, or not. When we forget this quality-control power of ours, or when we are unaware that it even exists, the results of what we’re creating on every level, either beams with clarity, or filters as sluggish emission from these, our mysterious portals of power and polarity in the hands.

Similarly, the seven major charkas that align up the centre of the body from the root to the crown could use a regularly tune-up too, daily, really. Their importance as the epicentre of flow, passed on through centuries old Far Eastern practices to millions of modern day energy medicine practitioners, is indisputable. (There’s said to be a mind-blowing 88,000 chakras in the body, so we’re still just scratching the surface of our understanding, clearly.) It’s just that we don’t necessarily realize that everything we touch, literally and figuratively, is immediately coloured by the quality of the energy coming out of our hands. Hands down, it is. Pinky swear.

But, my first exposure to the power inherent in the hands didn’t come from the Far East, but a diminutive, rather feisty Welsh woman. My nana.

 Sure, it was about pastry making at the time, my mother teaching me what my nana had taught her – no dots aligning to a greater spiritual truth, no energy medicine connection. But there most definitely is one, as it turns out. Her lesson in energy transference was disguised as simple chitchat about what makes the ultimate dough, while my mom and I were ultimately busy doing just that. The inherited knowledge from my grandmother, who was one of the first women to be trained, and chef-certified, at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in 1914, and who went on to become General Earl Haig’s personal chef in WW1, has never left me.

 She was adamant about this one thing: “You’ll only have trouble making pastry if you’re afraid of messing it up. In that case, fear pours through the hands into the dough. Fear makes you overwork what is an easy thing. It makes THINGS tough.

Pretty forward-thinking stuff, from someone who had no idea about things like chakras, located anywhere, let alone in the hands. She was running solely on instinct, having experienced the results. And for the record, she was a master pastry chef. She had a piece of the Great Puzzle in her hands, even though she didn’t know it at the time. She left it to me in her Will, and it’s an energetic gift that I prize.

Chi, Prana, Shakti, Reikidecorated hands

Whatever we call this energy, its power is the same, even as experienced through different modalities, and practices, such as meditation, qigong, yoga, tai chi, cranial sacral therapy, body work, Reiki, martial arts, and (who knew) … pastry making. Positive energy emitting from the body, with its widely varying degrees of quality, is about love. Negative energy, with as many levels, is about fear. So the resulting experience from what we ‘touch’ is greatly influenced by the unseen potential coming from the hands. Invisible though it might be, its nature is as loud and clear as a foghorn, attracting more of the same kind of energy. For me, that ups the ante for wanting as cobweb-free chakras as I can manage, no matter where they are in the body. And especially, because I’m a creative sort – in my hands.

Energy is dynamic. It changes all the time, and can be affected by outside energies too. Ever shook the hand of someone and felt kind of icky? That’s a first clue that it’s time to do some clearing.

Here’s some ways to clear chakras in the hands.

When trying any of the following suggestions do them mindfully, with the intention of clearing negativity, for the best results.

1) Wash your hands in pure water, holding them underneath the water for a few minutes. Clear spring water is best, but tap water will do. If you use soap, make sure it’s pure and natural – no chemicals. This is because for the most part, chemical concoctions are created based on an exaggerated fear of germs; fear being the operative word.

2) My favourite hand chakra clearing method, is to rub the palms of my hands together gently, visualizing a golden ball of chi between the palms. You can play with this ball, separating your palms, sensing the ball still within the palms expanding, even as you move your hands farther apart. As you move your hands back together, sense the energy contracting. It’s discernible! Consciously place the golden chi ball back into the palms of the hands, with love. Then look at your palms and imagine two golden chi balls, one in each palm, each turning, first in a clockwise direction, which receives chi; then, in a counter-clockwise direction, which gives chi – creating balance in both energies.

3) Smudge, and/or clean crystals work well also to clear the hands and body of any energy present that is blocking your highest good from being realized.

4) Do things, like gardening if that’s your thing, or arrange to be with people, or pets, that you love. Your energy won’t need so much of an overhaul being in the presence of things easy to love.

5) Play your favourite music and place your hands on the speakers to soak in the vibration of the music. Or play a musical instrument if that brings you joy, (as a singer, my instrument is my voice). I place my hands on my throat to feel the vibration –  a very powerful exercise.

6) Take an Epsom salt, and baking soda bath with the intention of soaking away anything negative that is not in your highest good. Pull the plug and visualize it going down the drain.

7) Breathing deeply, and watching the breath, is a call to the heavens – a very purifying act.

8) I like to massage a couple of drops of therapeutic-grade essential oil into the palms of my hands. My favourite fear-clearer is the biblical oil, spikenard. I use this brand.

9) Begin to recognize fear as it comes up in the thoughts – in other words, anything negative, as those types of thoughts are rooted in fear. Being aware of it being there is half the battle. Then choose to think something else, something more uplifting. Reach up into the rolodex of higher frequency thoughts, and soon you’ll notice a huge decline in negative energy needing to be cleared in the first place.

Now, we can go and make something great.



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