Here goes.

Window Display Artist, Corporate Fashion Communications Writer, Wife/Partner, Food, Fashion and Product Photographic Stylist, Mom, Contributing Writer/Editor, Musician, Lyricist, Vocalist, Interior Designer, Chef, Treatment Foster Parent, Adoptive Mom, Environmental Activist, Author, Blogger.

 Chuckling heartily right now. My mom wanted me to be a TV news anchor.

Maybe there’s still time.

 I get that my list looks like that of a chronic career ADHD sufferer, but things aren’t always what they seem. All those experiences gave me a unique, kaleidoscopic lens through which to write about the magic and mystery of life, which I’m going to attempt to do as best I can, with an open, authentic, and if I’m brave enough, vulnerable heart.

 If something touches me in a big, or even a small way that I think is worthy of catapulting back into the Great Expansive Universe – where your eyes might stumble upon it and be equally touched – that’ll be part of the magic.

 You must be noticing the shift in consciousness happening all around us – it’s hard to miss. The ways in which things worked in the past appear not be working so well anymore. It looks like many of the institutions and ideals that we’ve upheld are crumbling on a global scale, and that feels uncomfortable, mildly put. But, within the new order that many of us can just begin to make out in the distance, is an open field – a time and place heady with much more expansive possibilities.

 While our limited ways of thinking are clearly being given the stratospheric boot, as evidenced by a world in crisis where solutions appear to defy answers from conventional wisdom, I’m voting for the thinking something else plan of unconventional wizardry.

 I’ll do my darndest to share stranger than fiction truths, through an all the world’s a stage backstage pass looky-loo into what little things with big impact filter into my life … dots connected to yours.

Stay tuned for evidence of the WOW that was once regarded as WooWoo.

Lizzie Shanks




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